Diana Cisneros

Human Trafficking Trainer and Advocate

Kern County

Diana has provided human trafficking trainings across the state of California and beyond for a variety of agencies including child welfare, mental health professionals, hospitals and medical staff, as well as schools. She created specialty trainings and curriculum for both school districts and foster youth. Diana has provided direct services for survivors of all ages, led survivors groups, and pioneered multiple anti-trafficking efforts in her county.

Diana has been a guest speaker at many engagements including the National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect. She has been a consultant for the CSEC Action Team Advisory Board and the Child and Family Policy Institute of California. Diana dedicated many years of work to the Kern Coalition Against Human Trafficking in its founding years, and filled many roles including co-director.

Diana’s work in the anti-trafficking field led her to be named 2016 Woman of the year at California’s State Capitol.  Diana earned her degree in Crisis Counseling and is passionate about her engagement in the anti-trafficking movement at the individual, community, and policy levels.