“The PACT Project has been very helpful in linking counties together for shared information and resources.”

 PACT County Coordinator

In 2020, the Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking Project expanded it’s network to include over 40 California counties and established four regional peer cohorts of representatives from each participating county child welfare department’s CSEC/Child Trafficking Program. To learn more about our Project, History and Funding click Here.

Melissa Gomez 

PACT Project Director/Northern CA Regional Coordinator 


Josie Feemster

Southern CA/Bay Area Regional Coordinator


Kelly Amend

Central Valley Regional Coordinator

PACT Regional Cohorts

PACT regional cohorts are an opportunity for child welfare agencies to collectively discover and evaluate best practices to strengthen their localized anti-trafficking programs. Members gain a valuable network of support, increase cross-county collaboration, engage in peer learning and share in the challenges and successes of their work. Members may participate in virtual or in person meetings, contribute to working groups to advise on state or regional policy, attend training and webinars, and resource their local communities.

To learn more about PACT Cohorts or be connected to your local PACT representative CONTACT US.

Webinars & Training

PACT hosts webinars & training opportunities with thought leaders and experts in the anti-trafficking field to increase public awareness, access to services and share promising practices. Attendees include child welfare, probation, law enforcement, school personnel, youth servicing providers and the community at large.

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Considerations in Serving Foreign National Minor Victims of Trafficking (Watch Now)

  • Part 1 (June 21, 2020): The Federal Response
  • Gain an understanding of the role of OTIP in relation to supporting foreign national minor victims of trafficking, human trafficking indicators for foreign born children and youth, when and how to report a case to OTIP and the process and benefits of obtaining Interim Assistance and Eligibility Letters.

Considerations In Serving Foreign National Minor Victims of Human Trafficking (Watch Now)

  • Part 2 (June 29, 2020): The State & Local Response
  • Hear from the Refugee Programs Bureau, California Department of Social Services and International Rescue Committee Sacramento regarding the expansion of statewide benefits and services for immigrants in light of COVID-19 and access points for support and recovery.

Boys Are Trafficked Too! Factors of Resilience For Male Survivors of Exploitation (Watch Now)

  • Russell G. Wilson (July 21, 2020; August 11, 2020)
  • “It’s about more than surviving, it’s about thriving…” Learn about vulnerabilities that lead to victimization of boys and men, the impact of stigmatization and the tumultuous pathway from trafficking victim to self-actualized “Thriver.” Russell’s message highlights his personal journey as a male CSEC survivor and former foster child, including practical tips and tools to engage youth.

The Intersection of Child Labor Trafficking and CSEC (Watch Now)

  • Jamelia Hinds and Deborah Pembrook (January, 2021)
  • Every day children and youth are forced, tricked or coerced to work for little to no pay, in unsafe and abusive working environments. While it is a common belief that labor trafficking only occurs outside the United States or to immigrants, recent research demonstrates the problem is more pervasive than we think, occurring throughout the country, including California, to both domestic and foreign-born youth. Attend this webinar to gain a basic understanding of child labor trafficking, the spectrum of related abuses, and key indicators and red flags to identify children and youth at risk of/or experiencing labor trafficking and the co-occurrence of CSEC.

Building Pathways to Training and Employment Opportunities (Watch Now)

  • Futures without Violence and Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Thursday, November 19, 2020)
  • Access to employment opportunities can provide economic security and stability, which is critical for the safety and long-term recovery of survivors of human trafficking. Attend this webinar to learn about models for successful partnership with workforce development programs and improve access to a range of high-quality education, job training programs and career development services in California.

More Webinars and Trainings can be found HERE.

Technical Assistance

PACT’s staff and consultant network includes diverse members with unique backgrounds and expertise, including those with lived experience. We provide customized technical assistance rooted in harm reduction and guided through the lens of lived experience. Our team strengthens the capacity of county child welfare agencies receiving SB 855 CSEC Program allocations to effectively collaborate; reducing barriers to service delivery.


Access Customized Technical Assistance or Training from the PACT Project Staff and Consultant Team.


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Child Labor Trafficking Research & Online Toolkit

“The Child Welfare Response to Child Labor Trafficking in California” is a research brief accompanied by an online tool-kit, including a case study of the original ten child welfare agencies.  This research highlights PACT’s efforts to implement a comprehensive approach to child trafficking. 


In 2019, PACT counties began initial work to expand their CSEC Programs to address child labor trafficking and it’s intersection with commercial sexual exploitation. While still in the beginning stages, this model serves as an initial roadmap to build capacity to prevent, early identify, and serve vulnerable children and youth who interface with child welfare systems.


Explore our Interactive Child Labor Trafficking Report and Tool-Kit to access county, state and federal resources.

The Department of Social Services (CDSS) endorsed this work by releasing ACIN I-17-21  (May 11, 2021) Introduction Of The Child Labor Trafficking Brief, Online Toolkit, And Mini-Desk Guide.

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