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About the Gallery

This year’s gallery features creative expression from California artists, leaders and lived experience experts from all across California. Be inspired, as the collection takes viewers on a journey exploring themes of healing, re-clamation, and resilience through a variety of mediums including poetry, spoken word, creative writing and short film.

This year’s collection include submissions from the  Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking (PACT) Consultant Network and the CSEC Action Team’s Advisory Board.

Survivor Leadership in California

The Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking PACT Consultant Network and the CSEC Action Team’s Advisory Board provide guidance and consultation to inform anti-trafficking programs across California’s counties. To request consultation or learn more about their respective work visit their websites.

About Our Partnership

The Human Trafficking Prevention Month Online Gallery and live event have been made possible thanks to a collaboration between the Child Trafficking Response Team (CDSS), the Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking Project (Child and Family Policy Institute of CA) and the CSEC Action Team and their Advisory Board (National Center for Youth Law & WestCoast Children’s Clinic).

Re-Use/Reproduction Warning

Any image, photograph, video, audio recording, written material or other artform showcased as a part the Human Trafficking Awareness Month Online Gallery, are featured with the express permission of the artist/artisan who retains sole ownership and should not be reproduced and distributed without further permission from the source, unless otherwise noted.