Jamelia Hinds


Fresno, CA

Jamelia Hinds survived 12 years of human trafficking as a domestic servant for an American woman. She was trafficked from Belize at the age of 12 and has currently been free for 8 years. In that short time, she secured a T-Visa, graduated with her GED and began work in advocacy. Jamelia has engaged in public speaking at local, regional, statewide and national events, integrating her experience and lending its’ application to the anti-trafficking movement. She initiated the first survivor support group in the greater Fresno-area of California; continues to collaborate with numerous CBO’s including the role of Survivor Leadership with Breaking the Chains, as a Survivor Coordinator for MadeForThem and has participated as a PACT Consultant since 2014. She recently received her U.S. Permanent Residency status.

Jamelia, a mom of two children (who were also a part of her trafficking situation) shares, “my babies are my everything and they motivate me every day to move forward and stay strong. Today I have my green card, something I thought would never happen, but I never gave up hope. Now I’m on the next chapter in my life with my husband and kids by my side.”